Seeking Nominations for Library History Round Table

The Library History Round Table is soliciting nominations (including self-nominations) for four positions on the Executive Committee :
Vice Chair/Chair Elect for 2019/2020

Secretary/Treasurer for 2019/2020

Secretary/Treasurer Elect for 2019/2020

Vice Chair/Chair Elect will serve as Vice Chair for 2019/2020, then as Chair for 2020/2021, and Past Chair for 2021/2022.

The position of Secretary/Treasurer is open due to the resignation of the past Secretary/Treasurer Elect (2017/18) and the advancement of the current Secretary/Treasurer Elect to the position of Secretary/Treasurer. This person will also serve as past Secretary/Treasurer for 2020/2021.

Secretary/Treasurer Elect will serve in that position for 2019/2020, then as Secretary/Treasurer for 2020/2021, and past Secretary/Treasurer for 2021/2022.