New Volunteer: Tim Gleisner

Hello fellow Library History Enthusiasts,

My name is Tim Gleisner. I am very excited to be writing for the Library History Roundtable. I love libraries in general and have researched the history of libraries in my corner of the world for some time.

As way of introduction I am the Head of Collections at the Library of Michigan. In this role I am in charge of all of the Collections of the State Library, including the Law, Government Documents, Michigan and Rare Book Collections. I am also in head of all programming and much of the outreach of the library. This includes programs such as Michigan Notable Books, an annual list of the top 20 books produced by Michigan authors, or books on Michigan subjects. What is amazing about my current job is I get to travel the state to libraries of all types and sizes. And while out in the field I collect the stories and history of Michigan

Previous to the Library of Michigan I was the Head of Special Collections at the Grand Rapids Public Library, and Head of Local History and Genealogy at the Herrick District Library in Holland, Michigan. In both roles I collected and preserved the history of the West Michigan region. During this time I have learned everything anyone could ever want to know about the Dutch in America. Grand Rapids and Holland are the home of the largest Dutch enclave in North America.

I am a native of Wisconsin and have lived and roamed around Lake Michigan most of my life. Much of my compiling of library history centers in the Upper Midwest and the influence libraries have had in this part of the world. I love history of all types and read any history I can get my hands on. I also love cities. I am constantly in Chicago, Detroit or New York any chance I can get.


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