Request for Site Proposals: Library History Seminar XIIII (2020)

Request for Site Proposals: Library History Seminar XIIII (2020)

The Library History Round Table (LHRT) is issuing a request for proposals for an institutional host for Library History Seminar XIIII to take place in the year 2020.
History and Overview

The Library History Seminar (LHS) was established in 1961 and has become the most prestigious international conference dedicated to the study of the history of librarianship. The LHS takes place every five years. The conference often attracts over 100 scholars from across the United States and abroad. Papers from past conferences have been published as a special issue of the journals Information and Culture, Library Trends, and also in monograph form.

LHRT’s Executive Committee will make the final decision at the ALA midwinter meeting in February  2018. Executive committee members will select a site primarily based on written proposals received by the deadline of January 15, 2018.

The host institution finances the Library History Seminar using grants, gifts, internal budget allocations and registration fees. Previous conferences featured a limited number of scholarships for graduate students. LHRT may also provide a small grant for scholarships. It is imperative that proposals include information on budgeting the conference, and potential sources of funding to make the seminar possible.

The LHRT Executive Committee recommends that applicants include a theme in the proposal, but emphasizes that this is an important scholarly forum that should provide ample opportunities for historical research presentations on other aspects of library history in its widest scope, and encourage diversity of speakers in terms of geography, ethnicity, gender and subject specialty while also maintaining LHS’s high standards for historical research.

Please send your proposal by January 15, 2018 in electronic form (as either MS Word attachment or as plain e-mail text) to Ellen Pozzi at
The document should be 2 to 5 pages long. Proposals will be distributed to all members of the LHRT Executive Committee. Please e-mail any questions to Ellen Pozzi at the above e-mail address.

Application Outline

Proposal to Host Library History Seminar XIIII (2020)

Committee Chair

Committee Members:

Institutional Sponsor:

Potential Co-sponsors:

Planned number of days:

Proposed dates:

Conference Location:
[Please provide specific details, including whether the conference facility would be a private or public space. How many meeting rooms will be available for the LHS and specify fees. Please also briefly address transportation issues relating to the location (i.e., what is the closest major airport and how does one get to/from there and the conference location).]

[Please specify what hotel/dormitory facilities are available within walking range of the conference location.]

Financial and Institutional Support:
This section will understandably be rough and tentative, but the committee wants to see that the host will be able to arrange clerical support to take care of publicity and handle reservations. Please also propose an estimated registration fee.

The committee also encourages the host to look for internal/external grants to support the seminar. The host will be responsible for securing these grants. Grants make it possible to keep registration fees affordable, and bring graduate students and keynote speakers. Please list possible sources of grants or other income you might approach in order to finance the seminar.


Proposed Conference Theme and Proposed Keynote Speaker(s) (Optional)


Number of Potential Concurrent Programs (Suggested)


Proposed Timeline:

  •             [Date to Finalize LHS dates]
  •             [Proposed date to issue the Call for Papers]
  •             [Proposed due-date for the Call for Papers]
  •             [Proposed deadline for decisions on selected papers]
  •             [Proposed registration deadline]

Please submit proposals and direct inquiries to:

Ellen Pozzi

Your consideration and submissions are greatly appreciated.

Ellen Pozzi

Immediate Past Chair,



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