E-Reading Women’s History: Digital Histories of Women and the Book

Hi blog readers,

LHRT member Rachel Ivy Clark sent this message out on the LHRT list earlier today and I thought some of our blog readership might find it of interest:

“A friend of mine is part of a panel at this year’s Berkshire Conference of women historians. Due to some travel snafus, one of the panels has had to drop out, and she is in need of a third panelist. The topic seemed like it might be relevant to members of LHRT.

The panel is scheduled for 9:30 on Thursday, June 1 at Hofstra University on Long Island, NY.

The panel abstract is below. Interested parties should contact Stephanie Richmond at sjrichmond@nsu.edu

E-Reading Women’s History: Digital Histories of Women and the Book

Monica L. Mercado, Colgate University
Gender and Abolitionist Texts: Corpus Linguistics Analysis of Annual Reports and Abolitionist Literature
Stephanie J Richmond, Norfolk State University
Mapping Women’s Networks: Insights from Recipes and Historical GIS
Rachel A Snell, University of Maine

Session Abstract

Digital history methods have revolutionized the way in which historians are able to analyze and display the results of years of historical research. The papers in this panel use a variety digital tools to analyze women’s engagement with books and printed materials, drawing on both gender histories and the field of the history of the book. Stephanie Richmond’s project mines the texts of antislavery women’s reports, novels and short stories for connections between antislavery, antiracism and women’s rights in the 1830s. Rachel Snell’s paper uses GIS tools to map the networks of women’s recipe sharing in the mid-nineteenth century. Each of these papers juxtaposes the comfortable form of the print book with the power of digital humanities tools to tease out, display and connect words, people and places held within the texts created and used by women.”



Brett Spencer

Editor, LHRT News and Notes


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